Great brands deserve great cocktails. At the Liquid Productions Cocktail Lab, we experiment, taste, and develop cocktails that best showcase your brand.  Whether it's a specialty cocktail or a full cocktail menu program, our expert bar team will elevate your cocktail experience.


Liquid Productions is available for bar styling special events, as well as TV, Film and Commercial shoots. Our staff will work with the brand/client prior to the shoot to discuss desired look and feel.


A beverage program and a bar design are two different components that depend on each other. Does your bar design reflect the concept you are executing? Are you using fresh ingredients and juices? Will you have an extensive wine or beer program? Does your bar designer, manager, or architect know how to bartend? Have they ever executed what you want done behind a bar? A bar must reflect and be designed around the program. In addition, there should be no surprises when installing equipment and every bottle, tool, and piece of miscellaneous equipment should be incorporated into your design.